FindCapacity is a business network for people who work in the insurance industry.

We help insurance professionals find reinsurers, brokers, underwriters and other experts, taking into account the specific details of risk and insurance service needs

Before findcapacity

Before findcapacity

With findcapacity

With findcapacity


Findcapacity is the best tool for informing the market about the insurance and reinsurance products and solutions you offer. Just set up your capacity parameters and start getting reinsurance requests that match your underwriting guidelines!

If your partner acquires a risk that meets your risk appetite, our system will identify you as a potential reinsurer. Then you decide whether you want to provide the necessary capacity.

Easy to customize

To set up your capacity, just select the type of insurance you write, add the industries relevant to the risk, choose the risk location from the list of countries, and indicate available company retention.


Create as many types of capacity as you need and set up each type for different regions and industries.

Always up-to-date

Keep your partners up to speed about your risk appetites by adding or changing the parameters of your capacity as needed. The system will immediately notify your partners of any changes.


Findcapacity is a marketplace where you can get the most complete and accurate information about available market capacity and find reinsurers who are ready to lead or support your placement. With just a few clicks, you can create a query and find a partner who fits all your risk requirements. After potential reinsurers are found, you can use the Findcapacity system to send out inquiries and conduct all necessary business correspondence.

You can also set up your profile to inform your potential customers about your current business opportunities and the services you provide.

Easy-to-find reinsurers

Just choose the insurance product, the country where the risk is located, the industry involved and the reinsurer`s rating requirements. FindCapacity will process the request and quickly find potential reinsurers.

Track your markets

Dont`t waste time creating and maintaining your own CRM-systems. We will notify you  immediately about your partners' new products and changes in capacity.

Communicate directly

Save contact details of underwriters and other go-to experts. You will never lose their contact information, even if they change their place of work


Are you an insurance broker, loss adjuster, lawyer, surveyor, engineer or other insurance consultant? We can help you advertise your professional services with maximum effect!

Find—Āapacity is a unique marketplace where businesses go to find insurance professionals from all over the world.

Use it to broaden your business network, find new customers, and inform your partners about new products and services you are offering.

It takes only minutes to build a profile. Just select the types of professional services you provide, add the industries involved, and indicate countries where you can work. As soon as someone queries for services matched by your profile, our system will offer you as a potential candidate for collaboration.

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